Editorial Illustrations

The Stone Rainbow

The three main characters and two spreads from my picturebook “The Stone Rainbow”. 

Lead character Marja has finally gotten her own bedroom, but it’s completely white! To brighten up her colorless room she heads out to capture the rainbow. This isn’t as easy as she hoped however, but maybe catching the rainbow isn’t the only way to reach her goals.

'Grandma's bag'
'Beppe har taske'

A set of two illustrations made for the Frisian short story ‘Beppe har taske’ in which two pieces of candy live happily in grandma’s handbag, when one day she reaches in and grabs one of them! Will everything turn out all right?

Global Game Jam Poster

The Global game jam is an annual event in which professional game-developers, students and hobbyists come together at various world-wide locations to create a (video) game with a small team of people in a set time of 48 hours.

For the 2020 jam I had the opportunity to work on a poster for one of the locations, to promote the jam and to dress up the location.

Penny and Odie

Penny and Odie is a children’s book concept of one of my clients based loosely on the travels of Odysseus. 

In the story, a young girl gets to stay at home all alone for the very first time. Together with her Fox plushie (Odie) she’s having the best of times playing video games and eating snacks, until suddenly all the lights go out and they’re all alone in the dark!

But Odie, like Odysseus, is very brave and clever. He goes on a journey through the dark house to help his Penny out of this frightful situation.

For the project I designed the two main characters, made a storyboard accompanying the texts and a single completely finished illustration.