Video games

Quest for glory: A fan remake

“Quest for glory: So you want to be a hero?” has originally been developed by Sierra Entertainment and released in 1989 for PC.

My client is a big fan of the original game and has remade it from scratch with a special twist: He made it playable with pinball machine controls.

I remade 50 backdrops in a more clear style and for the 1080×1920 aspect ratio to make it fit the pinball format.

Most illustrations are static backdrops and have been layered in such a way to make it easy for the client to add in animated characters and animated backdrop elements. I’ve hand animated the waterfall and for the forest section I delivered a set of varying foliage, rocks and other backdrop elements for the client to build his own screens with.

Check out latest version of the game here.

Colosseum Galactica

Colosseum Galactica is a quirky management game in which the player assumes the role of a space colosseum manager.

During the production I was mainly responsible for designing and creating the 2D backdrop art for the game. Designing the UI was a responsibility I shared with my colleague Bart Heinen.

Next to this I dabbled a bit in character design and I supervised various interns.

Holy Mission

Holy Mission is a medieval fantasy MUD based in Linz, Austria. Founded in 1992 and still online, it is one of the longest-running MUDs to date.

The client wanted to modernise the game by making giving the art a big upgrade. For the game I’ve made several sets of art for backdrop, including the desert, grasslands and caves.

Even though the tile sizes for the art were quite small (100×100 for tiling backdrops), I succeeded in making the art style painterly, sketchy and organic looking.

For the mockups I took the liberty to place double walls and let surface types fade into each other, which isn’t possible in the game do to technical constraints.

You can learn more about the game here.

Small projects

Here you can see a selection of different game related art I’ve made for smaller projects; A set of sprites for a shooter based on “Commando”, character concepts and their spine ready versions and illustrations for an arcade cabinet.

Most of these projects I’ve landed on Fiverr. The clients in this case often work on serious hobby projects or their first game which they wish to bring to market. It’s a lot of fun to help these guys out to make their video-game development dreams come true!

Gamejams and Misc

Every year I join in on the Global Game Gam with a couple of friends and/or acquaintances. If you have ever experienced working during a game jam you know that it’s very stressful and great fun at the same time!

During the jams that I participated in I took the opportunity to stretch my boundaries and fiddle around with different art styles and helping out teams who either didn’t have an artist (working on multiple games at the same time) or who were jamming for the first time.

Check out my Global Game Jam games right here

Disclaimer; You might be able to play some of the games, but some of them are quite old and not all of them are completely finished (because you know, game jam). Even so, I think it’s fun to share something that could get you in the game-jamming spirit! 🙂