Toy store mural

The assignment

For this assignment I worked closely together with friend and fellow freelance illustrator/designer Heleen Klopper. She worked mostly on the background of the illustration and I mainly on the characters.

Our client was the owner of a popular local toy- and table top game store: Spellekijn.

Part of the store is located in the basement and often customers in the store don’t realise that they are allowed to go downstairs to find a treasure trove of wonderful plushies and puzzles.

The most prominent reason for this seemed to be that the staircase didn’t seem appealing or cared for like the rest of the store, giving shoppers feeling the area was off limits.


Together with our client we decided upon making a large mural to encourage people to walk down the steps and discover the hidden details, finally discovering a whole new part of the store.

Since the clientele of the shop exists of a large variety of different types op people (grandparents looking for gifts, young children, and nerdy teens to name a few), we had to try and make a balanced illustration; Not too kiddy, not too spooky, not too abstract. But fun, exciting and engaging!


The final piece has turned out wonderful! At it’s size of ~2.80 x 4.50 meters it already was quite impressive (and impressively hard to work with at 300 dpi) It was even more impressive to finally see it come together on the wall. Here you can see a (in comparison) tiny version in 72dpi.